John’s mom.

Ginny and I had a delightful dinner with John and Bunny Adams last night.  He told us some stories about his amazing mother.  I repeat what I wrote last month about him:  it frustrates me that I’ve worked with John for 35+ years–and I never knew anything about his mother.  I originally posted this a few hours ago on my other blog (by mistake) along with a challenge to John to write something more about his mom.  To tell us more about this remarkable woman.  I realize it’s unfair to John to ask him to do that, so  I took that post down.  I do look forward to learning more about him and his family.  Now I wonder:  does this post make any sense at all?

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One Response to John’s mom.

  1. Hartwell Harrison says:

    I am not surprised at all to hear your comments here. I remember John (in our college days and shortly thereafter) as tending very much toward the circumspect side in more personal matters – always careful to stay “within the guardrails” if you will – but there were moments of distinct divergence in this regard. Only John can enlighten you further on this and I am doubtful as to his willingness; but I encourage you press on this specific observation.

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