Good manners

I haven’t made it a habit to review my posts once they’re posted.  I re-read one or two the other day and realized I’ve been very sloppy.  There are typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes–the whole range of careless mistakes.  I’m not bothered by the casual, not very proper writing you find in text messages, emails, blogs these days, but I can’t help feeling writers have an obligation to make reading meaningful, fun and  easy for the readers.  Should it be challenging?  The content should sometimes be challenging, but not (usually) the writing.  I have my quirks.  I like to occasionally throw in odd new words I’ve discovered even when I know a more universal synonym:  I figure others might enjoy discovering a new word too.  (On the other hand, maybe my discovery is new to me but to nobody else, in which case the reader is already way ahead of me.) My biggest disservice to readers is that I don’t edit ruthlessly enough.  Everything’s twice as long as it should be.  When I’m writing for a client, i work hard on that.  I figure that’s what I’m paid to do.  Now I’m wondering if I should commit to being harder on myself going forward.  Should I promise less sloppiness and fewer words?    Forgive my manners, but I’m not going to make that promise.  I’m a little embarrassed by that, but I get more grief about not posting often enough than I do about my faux pas. (At least I took the time to double check the spelling of embarrassed and faux pas in that last sentence.)

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One Response to Good manners

  1. Susie says:

    I love your writing no matter.

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